All of my work at C.K.Arts Calligraphy is hand drawn by pen, using multiple strokes. My Hand crafted calligraphy will add that unique "touch of class" to make your event extra special! Choose a calligraphy style to match your invitation style or customize your own unique combination.
Cassandra Koehler

My Services

Wedding Invitations

The invitation is often the first impression of a wedding, celebration or party your invited guest will have. An invitation, and the manner in which it is addressed, should set the tone and give the recipient a sense of how formal or informal the celebration will be.

Custom Certificates

CKartsCalligraphy creates custom, professional certificates for events such as birth certificates or baptism certificates. Wc also creates many Certitificates fo Corporate Acheivement awards.


Custom Placecards

Weddings, celebrations and parties involving sit-down dining require that the guests know where they are seated. In most circumstances, the bride and groom or host designate seating arrangements.  Place cards keep confusion to a minimum and allow certain people to be grouped together, such as husbands and wives.

Special Events Giveaways

Personalization on any memento or item for guests, clients and friends can keep your event fresh in their memory.


Poems and Quotes For Framing

Handwritten calligraphy by a professional calligrapher is the perfect gift for any occasion. Whether you want your own poem, song from your wedding, a famous quote, love poem, C.K. Arts Calligraphy has the perfect unique gift solution for you.

Custom Signs

CKarts has created custom Signs for Non prophets and businesses

Workshops By Casanndra

1 hour classes at: Hobby Lobby 2728 East Colonial Dr., Orlando, FL 32803

Private Lessons also available.

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