C.K.Arts Calligraphy for Weddings

Inivitations & Envelopes

  • Type your guest list exactly as you want your envelopes done.
  • A spreadsheet is best it can be easily emailed
  • Invitations should be mailed six to eight weeks in advance, so plan ahead to allow enough time for a finished product
  • You should order atleast 10 extra invitations and 25 extra envelopes for addressing, calligraphy is an art form.

Assembling your Invitations:

The invitation and enclosure cards are placed in the envelope in order of size and importance. The largest enclosure cards are placed closest to the invitation. When enclosure cards of the same size are used, the card that is most important for your guest to see would be placed closest to the invitation.

  • Invitation
  • Reply envelop
  • Reply card (tucked under reply envelope flap)
  • Reception card


If using two envelopes, the inner is unsealed and inserted into the outer envelope so the guest’s name is the first thing seen as the outer envelope is opened. Have one complete invitation weighed for correct postage.
Choose beautiful commemorative stamps.

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